Young Cathedral Voices 2013. The massive choir event of the year here in Uppsala, Sweden. It’s all about to take place. Two years of planning, scheduling, communicating with choirs in various languages and preparing in every other possible way have now passed.

My name is David Edström. I am 20 years old and I sing the Bass part in Uppsala Cathedral Boys’ choir. I look forward to keep everyone updated (hopefully quite often) on all the exciting things that happen during the festivities.

To mention a few things usually occurring at choir events:
Rehearsing. Eating food. Stressed out choir directors. Nervousness before a concert. Absolute joy after a concert. More rehearsing. Happy choristers. Tired choristers. Sleep. Did I mention making new friends and having a lot of fun?

You don’t have to be some second-sighted seer to predict that these things will take place. Furthermore, there will of course be plenty of more specific things to mention once it all actually happens. I begin to feel just a tiny bit of butterflies flailing about in my stomach right now. Yet for some reason I don’t believe I’m the only one. Thinking that boys and girls from six different parts of Europe are packing their bags and making the last preparations for the journey here, it makes me smile. It makes me smile because I’ve been on a few choir tours myself and I always remember them as being some of the best things I’ve ever done.

Before finishing this post I would like to welcome all the choirs and wish them a wonderful stay here in Uppsala!