Finally! More food, and lots of it! The buffet is offering roast chicken, potato gratin, a nice sallad and more. Now and then the mumbling chatter of the guests gets interrupted by singing. Choristers from different choirs begin to sing here and there and one performance gets followed shortly by the next. The acoustics are very good inside the building.

Below is a picture from the buffet:

Buffet. Mmm, food!

Buffet. Mmm, food!

At 18:00 there will be a seminar with Aira Birziņa, the choir director of Riga Doma meitenu koris. I will surely attend it. Furthermore, in just a couple of hours the second concert of the festivities is to be performed in Uppsala Cathedral. I’m feeling very excited to hear the Norwegian girls and Polish men sing and am sure it will be brilliant!

Afterwards, there will once again be a pub evening at the cathedral café. It was a fantastic success yesterday, and will probably be even more popular tonight. I can’t wait!