We have rehearsed all morning and I was surprised how well “Do What is Fair” sounded. I always pictured the first time putting it all together as being quite chaotic and messy because of the distances between the choirs. In reality, however, it all went very smoothly. It was great to hear the piece in its entirety and to feel the atmosphere of all the choirs, organs and directors working together. The focus of the choirs and the directors’ ability to follow each other was impressive. I can’t imagine the premiere on Sunday being anything less than magnificent.

Here’s a picture from the rehearsal:

It looks like Margareta Raab is about to start flying!

Margareta Raab directing (flying?) the choirs

It was actually snowing when I woke up this morning, which I think is very nice. Now the weather is sunny, with a temperature round zero degrees. To come into the warmth of the café is a welcome change.


I’m sitting here at the cathedral café, typing away, while the choristers are standing in line, waiting eagerly for their food (which smells wonderful by the way) and am getting rather hungry myself. There will be three sittings at different times, with different choirs. The choirs are quite calmly sitting down and eating their food.

Riga girls eating lunch!

Riga girls eating lunch!

Singing and eating food. That’s what choristers do best!

Later on, there will be a great buffet at the university auditorium for the choirs. After that there will be a concert with Nidarosdomens jentekor, Trondheim and Cantores Minores, Warsawa.

In other words: more singing, and more food. Marvelous!